Affordable cruise vacations from a reliable travel agent in Brooklyn, NY.  L J Cruise Vacation.  Specializing in church group holidays, school outings, family cruises, company cruises, and individual world cruises to destinations in the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska or even South East Asia and Australia.  Comfortable accomodations aboard the world's leading cruise ships at affordable prices.  Great cruise food.  Extraordinary entertainment with Broadway class shows.  Exercise equipment.  Snorkeling, scuba diving, tours of beautiful local sites, everything for your family, friends, collegues, employees and your self.  Travel agent, L J Cruise Vacation has great experience and often travels with the group ensuring the highest possible service, with attention to detail. Make your dream vacation an affordable reality.  Great deals from a brilliant travel agent who works tirelessly for your enjoyment.  Cruise group discounts.  Family discounts. Any cruise discounts. Caribbean  cruises, European cruises, Australian cruises, Asian cruises, Alaska cruises. Caribbean discount cruises, European discount cruises, Australian discount cruises, Asian discount cruises, Alaska discount cruises. L J Cruise Vacation.
Your Brooklyn Travel Agent for cruises:
Attn: Lucy Jones
327 Empire Blvd. #111, Brooklyn, NY 11225
Phone: 866-245-2900 or 718-363-2829 Fax: 718--756-2569
Hello Lucy:
Thank you for a wonderful cruise vacation it was awesome!  Everyone had a very very good time, they were all pleased with their gift bags.  I appreciated your coming to the airport so early in the morning to meet us and see everyone off - that was great, keep up the good work.  When we got to the ship I was surprised to find my cabin decorated nicely in blue & white for our Anniversary, and the wine was waiting on ice with 2 glasses. We all enjoyed our cabins and loved the balcony.  We slept with the door open and enjoyed the sea breeze.   I really had a wonderful time and I give honor to God for giving you, Lucy, the ability, knowledge, wisdom and strength to be a Great Cruise Agent!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for a cruise that was so well put together.  Keep up the good work, we are all ready to go again next year, and if I can't go I will send them.
Eltrice D.


I have booked travel with other travel agencies, only to learn later that I could have gotten a better deal on my trip.  LJ Cruises is the only travel agency I know that has gone that extra mile.  She is personable and cares about her clients.  No matter what your financial situation is -- economy or luxury  --  LJ Cruises is the only agent you will need.  Once you have tried LJ, you will see the difference and be thankful that you did.   

C. Daniels, Maryland 
Lucy Jones, owner of L J Cruise Vacation has been involved in travel for over 26 years. Prior to opening her own cruise agency, Lucy organized bus trips, group picnics for her block association and church, and she started the first employee association of her former job as a banker where, as President of this association for 5 years she promoted team spirit, unity and outside-of-office employee intermingling by sponsoring ski trips, family picnics, casino trips and cruises. 

Lucy also resided abroad for 10 years, where she was fortunate enough to experience the world of travel and the excitement of visiting other countries. During this period she spent time in London, Paris, Spain, Germany and later took extensive travels in the Caribbean - so her knowledge is first hand for many issues that you might face while visiting other countries.

While accompanying a group on an Alaska cruise and tour, she underwent a travel nightmare that prompted her to become schooled in the Travel Agency business. At Vancouver Airport, the group was advised by the airline that half of the group would have to be on Stand-by. The company offered a free flight, an all expenses paid night in a hotel and a credit voucher for a future flight to those who were inconvenienced by this event.  Lucy thanked the agents but advised them that under no circumstances would she leave her group, and said that “we would all have to be on same plane home as stated on our tickets, since my job ended only when everyone arrived at the NY airport and safely in their respective ground transportation.” After that the group was successfully returned together by the company.

After attending Travel Agent school, she opened L J Cruise Vacation in 1999 and began to specialize in Cruises. Having travelled on over 30 cruises, she's absolutely certain that it is the most economical way to travel and see the world, while having a great time: 

As Lucy puts it:
“On an average 7 day cruise you would have the chance to visit at lest 3 different Countries/Islands, while only having to unpack  and re-pack at the beginning and end of the journey.  And a pre- or post-cruise land stay would be the perfect opportunity to explore your favorite place for a few extra days.”

“Cruises can be for singles, couples, families, family reunions, a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings on the ship or stop and have the ceremony on land and continue the honeymoon on your cruise. Cruises can also be the most effective way to have a successful fund-raiser, or business meetings, or offered as sales incentives.  There are a thousand different reasons to take a cruise – all of them good – so plan well with L J Cruise Vacation. We are here 24 hours a day…. and waiting for your call.  Remember our motto: 
We make your dream vacation a wonderful reality.
Thank you."     
Dear Lucy, 
I would like to thank you for a great cruise, it was very cost effective and of the highest quality. The food was a continual feast, the entertainment and energetic performances magnificent. The trip was very memorable and did I say it was very cost effective??
Ann D. North Carolina
PS cant wait to travel again with L. J. Cruise Vacation...
To Book Reservations Or For Additional Information Please Feel Free To Contact 

Attn: Lucy Jones
315 Empire Blvd #250427, Brooklyn, NY 11225
Phone: 954-990-8129          Fax: 954--990-8129


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